André Seidel
André Seidel has the longest Berlin experience of the Mo' Blower's. He was born there in 1981, learned the drums and while he went to school he already worked with various Big Bands. Amoung these there where the JayJayBeCe Orchestra and the Berlin Youth Jazz Orchestra. In the summer of 2003 he started his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin. After a while he started to come up with interesting and fairly unique drum styles. In between he is an expert in everything groovy, funky, fusion like, electric or dancy. That made him become the drummer of Mr. M, Berlin-Bahia, RatzeFatz, Mundoloco or Das gezeichnete Ich.

Some important steps in his so far career where a 2month lasting tour as a support for the Ostrock legend PANKOW, a support for Ronan Keating, the work with Robert Owens and different recordings with JayJayBeCe and the Berlin Youth Jazz Orchestra.