++ NEWS ++ The big Mo' Blow Final ++ NEWS ++

Soon there will be the last Mo‘ Blow concert. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 22nd of Oktober 2016. We found a beautiful venue with the Columbia Theater in Berlin and there we will finish the wonderful time with Mo‘ Blow. You get Tickets at all ticket offices and also at A-Trane Berlin. It's only 15,- Euro (+fee) so hopefully many of you will make the trip to Berlin.

It will not just be a regular concert. It will be a fantastic party with the support acts Franz Bauer (vibraphone) and Mando (beatbox), with a big After Show Party with DJ Duo Pied Plat, with RBB recording, with Volkman, with us and with you! Get your tickets and tell your friends! And let's have a unforgettable night!


++ NEWS ++ Germany Tour Dates 2016 online ++ NEWS ++

Our big Release & Farewell Tour 2016 will start soon so please check the dates. We are looking forward to play in so many places we love and also in exciting new venues: Köln, München, Hamburg, Dortmund, Stuttgard, Palatia, Neubrandenburg, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Lübeck, Minden...

The first two sold out concerts in Berlin set a really high standard with a great energy of the audience and many encores (see here). But we know you will bring the upcoming concerts to just the same power level with us. We can't wait! Wohooo!

Some additional festival dates and club shows will be released in some weeks time. So have a look again or join our newsletter.


++ NEWS ++ Our new album is out now ++ NEWS ++

Here it is now. Our new album: Mo' Blow - Live in Berlin was just released. Wohooo! We are happy to see first media attention. It is CD of the week at WDR,"Highlight of the month" in the new STEREO und the BBC thinks "The atmosphere there is captured to a T on this recording".

Here is our release video. Also we have some pictures for you from the five recording concerts with our special guests: Adam Baldych, Pat Appleton, Kacper Smoliński, Nils Landgren & Franz Bauer.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our concerts of the farewell tour!


++ NEWS ++ Farewell ++ NEWS ++

Dear friends,

with our new Live-Album and a big tour in 2016 we will say good bye. After so many concerts in so many countries all over the world we noticed that not all of us can spend as much energy as we used to for more than 10 years. But Mo' Blow is nothing to do just half-hearted. Because of that we will spend some more unforgettable concert nights with you on our Farewell tour until we end this fantastic journey right after the summer 2016. We would love to see you there!

Keep the Funk alive!
Felix, Matti, Tobias & André


++ NEWS ++ CD Release 29/01/2016 ++ NEWS ++

Wohoo! The new album is ready for you! And we love it. It's just catching the great live energy and the fun we had. Featuring fatastic guests: Pat Appleton | Adam Baldych | Franz Bauer | Nils Landgren | Kacper Smoliński. The official Release Concert will be 26. + 27. February at A-Trane Berlin, where we also recorded the CD. We will go on tour in the first half of 2016. Dates coming soon. We can't wait!


++ NEWS ++ Mo' Blow in Ukraine and South Korea ++ NEWS ++

While our new album is finalized in the studios we had some great concerts in Ukraine and South Korea. It was just amazing! Here we have some pictures for you! Also our label boss Siggi Loch recorded some funny smartphone videos (1 | 2) which show the incredible atmosphere in Korea. What a great trip!


++ NEWS ++ CD Live Recording Concerts ++ NEWS ++

For quite some time many of you requested a Mo' Blow Live CD. Now it's finally time for this. We will play at the A-Trane Berlin for 5 days and record our next CD live in this nice venue on August 11 until 15. We are very happy to present fantastic Special Guest: Nils Landgren (voc, tb), Kacper Smolinski (harp), Pat Appleton (voc), Adam Baldych (violin) & Franz Bauer (vib). We count on you and your crazy screaming banned on CD together with us!


++ NEWS ++ Pink Boots Groove ++ NEWS ++

Guess what we just found on the official Mo' Blow Bootscam! Feel free to get a portion of this rhythmic energy pack of André for you and have a nice & funky day!


++ NEWS ++ Christmas Concert with Blake Worrell ++ NEWS ++

Our traditional Mo' Blow Christmas Concert comes closer. In the Quasimodo Berlin we will prevent the night from too much tranquillity inviting a great Special Guest. It's Spoken Word Artist Blake Worrell - known as "The Frank Zappa of HipHop". Blake is part of the well known Puppetmastaz and we can't wait to see and hear him and you of course!


++ NEWS ++ New Jazz Funk Youngsters ++ NEWS ++

More than 2 years ago we started with Mo' Blow kids concerts. It is always great fun for us and all the kids between 2 and 16 years old. In Berlin it became a regular thing before our normal late night concerts but we hope to get the chance for it also in other cities and countries more often. So let us know if you can think of anything! We need New Jazz Funk Funkateers!


++ NEWS ++ Bremen Jazz Price 2014 ++ NEWS ++

We just received a great phone call: we are nominated for the Bremen Jazz Price 2014. Woohooo! Please, keep your fingers crossed for us!

And we are looking forward to the next concerts in Worms at the Jazz & Joy Festival and in the great jazz club A-Trane in Berlin. We will play one of the famous summer weeks there and be on stage 5 days for you! Last time we played a summer week 3 years ago, in the end we had 3 passed out people in the audience :-) So are you strong enough? Have a look at our tour dates then!


++ NEWS ++ 2014 here we come ++ NEWS ++

After we had a little rest in the last weeks we now can't wait to enter the tour van again. In honour of this great occasion we proudly present: Our complete 45 min Concert at the Jazztage Leverkusen. What a great night! But before getting in a sentimental mood > no concert is as good as always the upcoming one. So have a look at our next concert dates.


++ NEWS ++ 50 Concerts & 10 Countries ++ NEWS ++

2013 - that was 50 concerts in 10 countries; nights with 30 people in the audience in Bojnice (Slovakia) up to 3.500 people in Luxembourg. Here we have a galery with one picture for every toured country for you! An unforgettable time - no matter if a trip in the jungle of Malaysia, a kids concerts in the Quasimodo or a spontaneous and very early Elektro Session in Shanghai. A big thank you to everybody of you who was part of this! 2014 - let's get it on!


++ NEWS ++ New Videos ++ NEWS ++

Our last concerts are coming up in Germany. But before we get on Volkman's Van, our never resting tour van, we uploaded two new videos for you, from our CD-Release at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. First 'Til They Cut The Power, the song about a legendary concert in Aachen some years ago where the crowd went crazy until the landloard cut of the power of the whole building in the middle of a song. Second The Wendland Revolt, about the brave people in the German region called Wendland where they used to protest against the shipment of nuclear waste at daytime and afterwards always had great energy to enjoy the Jazzfunk with us.


++ NEWS ++ 1 Year 10 Countries ++ NEWS ++

With our China visit we just played in country number 10 this year. Apart from Germany there was Slovakia, Malaysia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Poland & Russia. In China we were invited to play the Shanghai East Bank Jazz Festival twice. What a blast! It was a great adventure as this photos will show you. Now it's time to stay 'at home' and tour Germany's north, west, south and east. Where do we see you?


++ NEWS ++ on and on ++ NEWS ++

What a fantastic tour! The video from our concert at Borneo Jazz Festival in Malaysia shows the energy of the whole tour. And in the meantime our new album went on position 24 in the official Mediacontrol Charts - in best company right between Pat Metheny & Trilok Gurtu ;-)

After a (very) short break we carry on with concerts in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Russia...and there's more to come! Here you will find all our tour dates. Also we got some more videos and some pictures from the tour.


++ NEWS ++ CD-Release-Tour ++ NEWS ++

Now we are ready to go on our release tour. We can't wait to play for all of our in Malaysia, Munic, Berlin, Kroatia, Hamburg, Cologne and so on and so on. See al the tour dates here and watch our brandnew Live-EPK on the left. See you soon!!!


++ NEWS ++ CD Release ++ NEWS ++

And here it is: Our new CD arrived. Thanks for so many nice press articles already. Like the one from The Jazz Breakfast: "a good-time record for people who’d rather be shaking their butts than stroking their beards". Yeah. If you like you can order the album here on our website and get it signed.


++ NEWS ++ Studio Video ++ NEWS ++

Just a couple of days left until our new album will be released! To keep the time short we have some video impressions for you from our week in the hansa studios Berlin. Meanwhile it was time for us to tour Slovakia again and it was great fun as you can imagine when you see these pictures.


++ NEWS ++ New Album Release April 26th ++ NEWS ++

We are very proud to announce: Our new ACT album will be available from Friday the 26th of April 2013. It's called "GIMME THE BOOTS" and the cover artwork is the sculptur "Breakdancer" by Reiner Mang. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this, especially Nils Landgren! We recorded 12 brandnew songs and if you put your adress in our newsletter you will get an exclusive bonus track. Order the album already now and you will have it right on time and with our signatures.


++ NEWS ++ Foto shooting on the rooftop of Berlin ++ NEWS ++

We had a lot of fun at a foto shooting for the new album with Dirk Mr. Fantastic Mathesius. This time we went on the rooftop of Berlin lightbrushing and throwing Mo' Blow Konfetti confetti all over. Here you will find all the fotos and also a small Making Of Galery.


++ NEWS ++ New album coming up ++ NEWS ++

The new Mo' Blow album is almost there. Yee-haw! We just finished our studio sessions together with the wonderful Nils Landgren as producer. You will find some fotos of the sessions here. In spring 2013 the new CD will be out on the label ACT and we will of course celebrate it with a big CD Release Tour. Have a look. There are already quite some locations booked. To keep you excited until then we made this little trailer on the left for you. We can't wait!


++ NEWS ++ We won two Awards ++ NEWS ++

Wow - this came unexpected! In the last weeks we were surprised by even two awards. In the beautiful south of Germany we won the "Jazz am See Award" for the best concert in 2011. And we also received one of the first three MILES AWARDs from JazzRock TV. Thank you very much! We are already looking for the right place of honour in our rehearsing room for these two beauties!


++ NEWS ++ On the Road with new Songs ++ NEWS ++

Volkman's Van takes us everywhere... in the last weeks we played at Jazzfestival St. Ingbert, at Jazzahead in Bremen, in Stuttgart, Braunschweig or Munich. & we keep on - together with a bunch of brandnew songs. Until we get the next chance to play for you live, you can have a look at new Fotos | Videos


++ NEWS ++ Mo' Blow wins Future Sounds 2011 ++ NEWS ++

"And the Winner is... Mo' Blow!" Unbelivable how good this sounded when we heard this at the Future Sounds Award 2011. Germanys biggest and most famous award for young musicians is part of the great Leverkusener Jazztage. Chosen out of 240 Bands and 6 Semi-Finalists by a Jury, the audience made us winner in the final. So we will see you at the big stage next year! Yeeehaaa!!!

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