++ NEWS ++ The Beat Goes On ++ NEWS ++

What a great tour so far. Together with you in the audience we are burning down every venue. We also get great media response, but most of that in English I'm afraid. At least the video on the left from JazzrockTV has a lot of playing in it too. Have fun!


++ NEWS ++ CD Release Tour ++ NEWS ++

After great club concerts and festivals in Lithuania (foto) or Norway we will start touring in Germany now. The official Release Tour is happening with 20 concert from Hamburg to Munich and Cologne to Dresden. Here you'll find the dates.

Luckily the three people which passed out during the concerts in our summer week special at the A-Trane, Berlin are alright! Thatfore our note on safety for you: Take care - It's gonna be hot & funky!


++ NEWS ++ Charts, Radio & Press ++ NEWS ++

Many good news. By the first time ever we entered the jazz charts . MediaControl lists the Album TOP 30 in May, in Amazon and JPC it already reached TOP 10 and in the daily charts of iTunes we even made it to the top: Number 1 on Mai 11!

We are also very happy to get very good critics in German newspapers, magazines, radio and even TV formats like Yagaloo.TV as you can see (and hopefully understand) on the left. Meanwhile we play a lot and you will be able to listen to some of those concerts on RBB, WDR & NDR in the next weeks. But in the end there is no way around it: You gotta see us live! So check out our tour dates.


++ NEWS ++ CD Release ++ NEWS ++

The new album is released! What a great feeling! Thanks to everybody who contributed and helped to make it happen, especially Nils Landgren and ACT. Also thanks to everybody having a fantastic release party at the Quasimodo, Berlin. That was great fun! And there's more to come...

You don't already have the album? Here's a pre listen and here you can order it. That's how you can support us the most.


++ NEWS ++ Release Video out now ++ NEWS ++

And here it comes. Our official video with the statements about the upcoming album, shot from the studio and foto shooting and of course some music. Many thanx to Felix Z. for fantastic work. Watch it full screen. It's subtitled and in HD. Enjoy!


++ NEWS ++ Album on its way to press plant ++ NEWS ++

Only a couple of weeks left for the release of our new album. Siggi Loch, the head of the ACT label himself, chose a graffiti for the cover design. As Young German Art it matches well with the series of ACT we are in: "Young German Jazz". And here it is.

Also we have this little trailer for you on the left and also a first pre listen for the music on the album. Take the chance and pre order the CD here.


++ NEWS ++ Foto Shooting and new Design ++ NEWS ++

We jump high for you as you can see in the results of the foto shooting with fotographer Dirk Mathesius. Here you'll find all pictures. Along to that the webside had a design releaunch too. We hope you like it!

The official CD release concert if fixed now. We are lokking forward to seeing you in the Quasimodo Friday 29th of April 2011 - that's right on the release day of "For those about to Funk".


++ NEWS ++ New ACT Album 29. April 2011 ++ NEWS ++

We just discovered there was an undercover guest last time we played at the Quasimodo in Berlin: the famous producer Siegfried "Siggi" Loch. Now some weeks later it's for sure: our upcoming album will be released by ACT!

But there is more. You will have to wait for it just a few weeks. Official Release Date: Friday, 29th April 2011. If you wanna get hold of it asap then you should use our pre order service. We will let you know about title, cover, videos and pre-listen within the next weeks. So stay tuned!


++ NEWS ++ Mo' Blow feat. Nils Landgren ++ NEWS ++

And the secret is disclosed: our new album (Release in mid 2011) is produced by the fantastic Nils Landgren. We had great days in the studio and because of him on stage and you in the audience we also had an outstanding midnight-special-concert at the A-Trane! There is so much more to come! You better stay tuned!


++ NEWS ++ Very Special Guest Top Secret ++ NEWS ++

Wer have great news. Finally we will record our new album in November. AND we will be produced by a great worldwide known jazz funk star who will also appear as special guest.

Together with this VERY SPECIAL GUEST we will have a special live show on Monday, 8th of November 2010, in the A-Trane (Berlin). The concert starts at 23:30 and we will tell you the name of this Very Special Guest one week before in our newsletter!


++ NEWS ++ Palatia Jazz Festival ++ NEWS ++

We played at this years Palatia Jazz Festival in the beautiful Klosterruine Limburg - one of our highlights this year. You not often get the chance to share the stage with David Sanborn, Joey DeFrancesco, Steve Gadd, Trilok Gurtu & Jan Gabarek. Thanks to everybody for a great weekend. And a special Thanx to Yvonne fo the invitation and Mr. Zimmermann & Funk Rocker Film for all the help. Latest news: We will be back in 2011 (12th of August) for another concert at Palatia.


++ NEWS ++ Special Guest Gunter Hampel ++ NEWS ++

In 2008 it was Gunter Hampel who made us double winner of the Berlin Jazz & Blues Award because he was chairman of the jury. Now we are looking forward to having this great musician with us as our special guest in the Quasimodo Berlin on Sat, 12th of June 2010. You get an impression of how great and funky Gunter Hampel is when you watch this video portrait and even more when you come on saturday.


++ NEWS ++ Special Guest Torsten Goods ++ NEWS ++

Wow, what a concert in the the Quasimodo. The wonderfull Torsten Goods as special guest on the guitar was just burning. Hands Up for him and for everybody in the crowd. You and especially your amazing shouting made that night very special to us. Let's continue soon!


++ NEWS ++ Video from the Quasimodo Berlin ++ NEWS ++

A very big THANK YOU to our canadian fan Thomas Kelp who did a great job in filming, cutting and editing a clip from our last concert in the Quasimodo Berlin. And here it is: Somewhere in Sharp Mountain. Enjoy!


++ NEWS ++ Mo' Blow at JAZZ HILFT HAITI ++ NEWS ++

Jazz (&Funk) can help a lot. That's what we wanna show with a concert at the project Jazz Hilft. That's a benefit for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. A lot of concerts will take place for 4 days. Our concert will be on wednesday, 10th of february 2010 at 22:00. Free entrance, all donationswill be given to Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. and HaitiCare e.V. Become a part of it!


++ NEWS ++ Mo' Blow Live at Radio BR ++ NEWS ++

Thursday, 7th of january 2010 we were invited to play in the BR4-Show 'Taktlos'. It was a live recording and you can listen to it and watch the Stream of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. Hope you like it.


++ NEWS ++ Concert Video from Croatia ++ NEWS ++

From our concert at the Liburnia Jazz Festival in Croatia we promised a video. So here it is. Also we updated our official band portrait with cuts from Croatia and also from Jazz Open Hamburg. You will find that one here. Enjoy!


++ NEWS ++ Special Guest David Friedman II ++ NEWS ++

Thanks to verybody who came to our concert at the Quasimodo Berlin and created such a great atmosphere. Also a very big thank you to David Friedman who really set his vibraphone on fire. We hope to prove this soon with some examples of the live recording we made. Stay tuned for more!


++ NEWS ++ Special Guest David Friedman++ NEWS ++

A very special Concert ist coming up. Friday, 25th of September 2009 we will play in the Quasimodo Berlin again. But this time the worldwide famous musician David Friedman will be our Special Guest. A premiere!

The great vibraphone player has played with the Who's Who of the international music scene: Leonard Bernstein, Luciano Berio, Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Shorter, Yoko Ono, Chet Baker, Joe Henderson, Horace Silver, Johnny Griffin, Ron Carter, John Scofield........ Now it will be a pleasure for us to jazz-funk with him. Get your tickets at the Quasimodo or at your next ticket office.


++ NEWS ++ Back from Tour ++ NEWS ++

We are back after four unforgettable concerts at the Jazzopen Hamburg, the Unterfahrt in Munich, the Jazzclub Klagenfurt (Austria) and the Liburnia Jazzfestival in Croatia. Now we do finally know how to spell our instruments right in croatian (saksofon, klavijature, bubnjevi & bas). Also it will stay in our mind that we had the pleasure to play with Christian Scott & his quintett including a decent after show party.

There are some nice pictures of Hamburg here. The newest photos you still find in our Blog. Have a look at the press quotes from that tour. And there are some things to come: in the moment we are cutting the tour video and the NDR will present the concert in Hamburg later this year on air.

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